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AJR Courier Service Mobile Number, All Branch List, and Address

AJR courier service is the most popular courier service in Bangladesh. It has many branches in every district. AJR Courier Service Mobile Number is 01733385196, and 01733385195. Head Office Address is House Number 200, Central Road, Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka. For your kind information, we discuss AJR Courier Service Mobile Number, All Branch List, and Address in this post.

AJR Courier Service Dhaka City

SL. NO.Branch NameBranch AddressMobile Number
All InfoHead OfficeHazaribag, Tenarir More, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.Head office: 01733385196, 01733385195

Marketing division: 017333384820, 01733384884, 01733384883

Account division: 01733384894, 01733384895, 01733384986

Delivery division: 01733384852, 01733384815, 01733384810

Condition division: 01733384821, 01733384822, 01733385112

Collection division: 01733384801, 01733385005, 01733384873

Night operation: 01733384809, 01733384805, 01733384819

Logistic division: 01733384999, 01733384900, 01733384916
1.Kawran BazaarKawran Bazaar Office, Station Road, Tejgoan Dhaka-121501733-384864, 01733-384866
2.Mohakhali OfficeEnglish Road, Rahman tower, Dhaka01733-385196, 01733-385195
3.Mailbag OfficeMailbag, Chowdhury para, Dhaka01733-385193, 01733-385194
4.Malitola OfficeShop no-10, Nobabpur Road, Dhaka01733-385044, 01733-385043
5.Banglabazar OfficeJubilee supermarket, Lalkuti, Northbrook hall road, Dhaka01733-385123, 01733-385164
6.Chowkbazar OfficeChota Katra, Coldstore goli, Dhaka01733-385023, 01733-385024
7.Nobabpur OfficeShop no 109, Akram Tower Bijoynagar, Dhaka01733-385046, 01733-385079
8.Mirpur-11 OfficeHouse no 410, Section-7, Dhaka01733-384843, 01733-384844
9.Mirpur-10 OfficeHouse no 1, Road no 4, Section-6, Dhaka01733-385065, 01733-385066
10.Bijoynagar OfficeEnglish Road, Rahman Tower, Dhaka01733-384837, 01733-384838
11.Elephant road officeElephant Road, Dhaka01733-385090, 01733-385089
12.Keranigonj OfficeHatem villa, Bari badh road, Keranigonj, Dhaka01733-385013, 01733-385036
13.Uttara OfficeHouse no 24, Road No 13, Sector-6, Uttara01733-385105
14.Jatrabari OfficeShop no 3, North Jatrabari, Dhaka01733-385145, 01733-385146
15.Baipail OfficeHaji abdur rasid super market, Baipail, Saver, Dhaka01733-385106, 01733-385107

AJR Courier Service Dhaka Division

SL. NO.Branch NameBranch AddressMobile Number
16.Saver OfficeR K Mission Road, Badger More, Mymensingh01733-385110, 01733-385111
17.Tongi OfficeComilla Samanay Parishad, Sonali Road, Tongi, Gazipur01733-385108, 01733-385131
18.Gazipur OfficeR K Mission Road, Badger More, Mymensingh01733-385055, 01733-385150
19.Narayengonj OfficeChasara army market, Narayengonj01733-385060, 01733-385059
20.Nitaygonj OfficeShop no 9, City corporation market, Nitaygonj, Narayengonj01733-385178, 01733-385179
21.Faridpur OfficePollikobi jasimuddin road, Faridpur01733-384855, 01733-384854
22.Norsingdi OfficeShatirpara, Norsingdi01733-385141, 01733-385183
23.Vairab OfficeS K shopping center, Mollabarir more, Vairab01733-384823, 01733-384824
24.Kishorgonj OfficeNewtown station road, Kishorgonj01733-385160, 01733-385165
25.Tangail OfficeHolding no 557, North Adalotpara, Tangail01733-384899, 01733-385139
26.Mymensingh OfficeR K Mission Road, Badger more, Mymensingh01733-384846, 01733-384847
27.Jamalpur OfficeOld powragate Station road, Jamalpur01733-385113, 01733-385114

AJR Courier Service Chattogram

SL. NO.Branch NameBranch AddressTownhall More, Majdee Court, Noakhali
 1A K Khan OfficeJakir hossain road, Pahartoly01733-385010, 01733-233522
 2Khatungonj OfficeKorbanigonj road, Khatungonj01733-385102, 01733-385103
 3Kodomtoly OfficeAsraf market, D T road, Kodomtoly01733-384840
 4Chattogram EPZ OfficeRashed Villa, Dui mailer math, CEPZ01733-384826, 01733- 384827
 5Muradpur OfficeSholashahar, Muradpur01733-385157, 01733-385082
 6Chokoria OfficeMohila college road, Chiringga01733-385067, 01733-384954
 7Cox’sbazar OfficeRupsha Cinema, Hall Market, Karimpur Road, Chowmuhani01733-385142, 01733-385143
 8Comilla OfficeNajrul avenue, Kandirpar Comilla01733-384834, 01733-384835
 9Chandpur OfficeShop no A7, Stadium market, Chandpur01733-385084, 01733-385085
 10Hajigonj OfficeTownhall More, Majdee Court, Noakhali01733-385073, 01733-385074
 11B Baria OfficeKandipara boro madrasha road, Sadar, B Baria01733-385144, 01733-385147
 12Feni OfficeS S K road, Unnayan bord Mohipal, Feni01733-385006, 01733-385007
 13Chowmuhani OfficeTownhall More, Majdee court, Noakhali01733-385008, 01733-385009
 14Majdee OfficeTownhall More, Majdee Court, Noakhali01733-385011, 01733-385012
 15Loxmipur OfficeGround floor, Sondhani eye hospital, Loxmipur01733-385190, 01733-385191

AJR Courier Service Khulna

SL. NO.Branch NameBranch AddressNahar complex, Bainer More, Jessore Road, Magura
 1Khula OfficeDakbanglo, Khan A sabur road, Khula01733-384860, 01733-384859
 2Khalishpur OfficeNatun raster more, Pabla, Khalishpur,01733-385174, 01733-385175
 3Nowapara OfficePir bari, lal bari market, Nowapara01733-385180, 01733-385181
 4Jessore OfficeSector 2, plot 24, Housing stand, Newmarket, Jessore01733-384853, 01733-84851
 5Nahar complex, Bainer More, Jessore road, MaguraDhaka road, Taltola, Jessore01733-385014, 01733-385015
 6Magura OfficeNahar complex, Bainer More, Jessore Road, Magura01733-385049, 017385042
 7Jhinaidhah OfficeRapid tower, Jhinaidhah01733-384813, 01733-384811
 8Kustia OfficeAl-haj tomijuddin market, S N road, Kustia01733-385040, 01733-385041

AJR Courier Service Rajshahi

SL. NO.Branch NameBranch AddressHaji Mohd. Mohsin Road, Pabna
1Rajshahi OfficeBaneshsar Bazaar, Nator Road, Puthia01733-385021, 01733-385022
2Baneshsar OfficeHaji Mohd. Mohsin Road, Pabna01733-385092, 01733-385093
3Nator OfficeKanaikhali, Rajshahi highway, Nator01733-384886, 001733-385034
4Chapai nobabgonj Office  Santir road, Chapai nobabgonj01733-384857, 01733-384898
5Pabna OfficeHaji Mohd. Mohsin road, Pabna01733-385038, 01733-385039
6Sirajgonj OfficeS B Fojlul haq road, Mirpur, Sirajgonj01733-384825, 01733-384849
7Esshardi OfficeArju market, Main road, Truck stand malgudam, Esshardi01733-385188, 01733-385189
8Bogura OfficeGohil road, Sutrapur, Bogura01733-384830, 01733-384829
9Norwegian OfficeGaja society market, Norwegian01733-385076, 01733-385077

AJR Courier Service Rangpur

SL. NO.Branch NameBranch AddressMobile Number
1Rangpur OfficeS M C road, Guptapara, Rangpur01733-384831, 01733-384832
2Syeadpur OfficeRailway hospital more, Syeadpur01733-385095, 01733-385096
3Gobindagonj OfficeDinajpur road, Gobindagonj, Gaibanda01733-385097, 01733-385098
4Dinajpur OfficeCharu babur more, Dinajpur01733-384816, 01733-384817
5Birampur OfficeCoach stand, Birampur01733-385185, 01733-385186
6Fulbari OfficeSagor road, Fulbari, Dinajpur01733-385198, 01733-385199
7Thakurgoan OfficeAJR courier service, Tatipara Road, Thakurgoan01733-385047, 01733-385048

AJR Courier Service Sylhet

SL. NO.Branch NameBranch AddressMobile Number
1Kadomtoly OfficeEasy plaza, Kadomtoly, Sylhet01733-384865, 01733-384863
2Moulavibazar OfficeChoy-bai Bavan, Dhaka to Sylhet Highway, Moulavibazar01733-385001, 01733-385002
3Sreemongal OfficePoura supermarket, Banugach road, Sreemongal01733-385056, 01733-385033
4Hobigonj OfficeSusan ghat, Bypass road, Hobigonj01733-385116, 01733-385117

AJR Courier Service Barishal

SL. NO.Branch NameBranch AddressMobile Number
1Barishal OfficeNobagram road, Chowmatha, Barishal01733-384869
2Takerhat OfficeNear barishal hotel, Takerhat, Rajur, Madaripur01733-385053, 01733-385054
3Patuakhali OfficeNear Pani Unnayan board, Sadar road, Patuakhali01733-385170, 01733-385169

AJR Courier Service Tracking

AJR courier service provides a tracking system for their parcel. You can track your parcel’s current location by AJR Courier Service Tracking. You can track your parcel location by AJR Courier Service Product Number. To Track Your Parcel Delivery Information: Click Here.

AJR Courier Service Charge

AJR Courier Service Charge depends on the parcel size, If the parcel size is small then the parcel charge is low, and the high charge is for big-size parcels. AJR courier service charge starts at 80 Tk. You can send your parcel to any location that age is given in this post.

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Thanks for reading this information. In this post, we provide division-wise AJR courier service Branch Name, Address, and Mobile Number. We hope you get your search information from this post. Please stay with us for any kind of information.

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