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Importance of Online Education During Pandemic

Education is the backbone of a nation. During the pandemic situation every school, college, and the university has been closed. All education systems are hampered by this situation. At this time online education help all students to connect with study and get guideline from their teacher. In this post, we discuss the importance of online education during pandemic.

The whole world is stagnant in the outbreak of coronavirus. There are no discounts for all levels of education. Lockdown has made the education situation chaotic. Important board exams are also closed. There is no way for all the students to continue their studies in that room. There are various limitations. In the age of information technology, there is no reason to lag behind in improving the quality of education. New technologies are constantly being added to our daily lives. Which is taking education and students step by step. Similarly, online education is one of the areas of technology.

Some people may be afraid of losing their jobs. If the teacher-student ratio is high, the number of teachers will be reduced, but in order to increase the quality, more teachers will have to be recruited as before. Online learning activities will exclude student politics from campus. So the aspiring students of leadership will not only reject it but will call for resistance. The introduction of online education will reduce the number of rooms for rent, gas, electricity, water, air-conditioned classrooms, elevators, generators, and pioneers, no need for large vehicles, no canteen, no need. Those who are interested in the library because of this can certainly bow down to various excuses.

Importance of online education during pandemic situations.

Children’s schools have been opened in countries like Singapore. We will not ask you to do this in our country but limited online education at the school or college level must be continued. We have to resort to tough resistance. The UK’s view is that corona or corona cannot be suppressed by any means other than the only strong immunity. So using the excuse of refraining from online education is a sign of stupidity or a way to fall behind.

There is no denying the importance of online education for students in this critical time of the country. Online education is a digital education system. This method requires digital devices such as mobile, laptops, and high-speed internet connection. So a student can use this internet-based method to participate in live classes and exchange views through video conferencing at home. This method does not require a notebook because the class can be recorded and listened to again. Through this method, educational activities can be kept active.

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Although online education has already been introduced in the country, it has not been completely successful. Because there are many limitations in its implementation. Here the difference between rich-poor and urban villages has gone away. Many do not have the necessary mobile devices and laptops to learn online. Many places do not have high-speed internet connections. As a result, most students are being deprived of online education.

The epidemic crisis has come a long way in fulfilling the dream of the people of the country to build a digital Bangladesh. At present everything in the country is being managed through online activities. Since there is no opportunity to go to school or college now, this online education system is now an important resort.

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