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India to USA DHL Courier Service Charge, Cost, and Price List

DHL Courier Service is a Popular Courier Service. Many Indian People Send parcels to the USA by DHL Courier Service. India to USA DHL Courier Service Charge, Cost, and Price List are Given Below:

India to USA DHL Courier Service Charge List

Parcel WeightCharges India to the USAEstimate Time
.5 KGRs.13252-3 Days
1 KGRs.15952-3 Days
1.5 KGRs.18522-3 Days
2 KGRs.21102-3 Days
2.5 KGRs.24412-3 Days
3 KGRs.28172-3 Days
3.5 KGRs.36952-3 Days
4 KGRs.36952-3 Days
4.5 KGRs.39872-3 Days
5 KGRs.39872-3 Days
5.5 KGRs.43452-3 Days
6 KGRs.43452-3 Days
6.5 KGRs.47022-3 Days
7 KGRs.47022-3 Days
7.5 KGRs.50602-3 Days
8 KGRs.50602-3 Days
8.5 KGRs.54182-3 Days
9 KGRs.54182-3 Days
9.5 KGRs.57752-3 Days
10 KGRs.5775
11-15 KGRs.574 Per KG2-3 Days
16-20 KGRs.558 Per KG2-3 Days
21-25 KGRs.561 Per KG2-3 Days
26-30 KGRs.543 Per KG2-3 Days
31-35 KGRs.536 Per KG2-3 Days
36-40 KGRs.536 Per KG2-3 Days
41-45 KGRs.536 Per KG2-3 Days
46-50 KGRs.536 Per KG2-3 Days
51-55 KGRs.526 Per KG2-3 Days
56-60 KGRs.526 Per KG2-3 Days
60+ KGRs.526 Per KG2-3 Days

DHL Courier Service USA Mobile Number: +1 800-225-5345, DHL Courier Service India Mobile Number: 02261985101-03. To Know DHL Courier Service Charges from the USA to India: Click Here

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